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VJ Crystalotus

Video is such an amazing medium to use. So vast in it's ability to create life and stories. The moving image is one of my favorite mediums and I have been performing as a VJ {Live video mixing performance} for some years now.

Usually I perform at festivals and events in response to music which varies in genre. The art of VJing lies in the ability to create a visual journey that adds to the experience and conceptualisation of the music. 


At times I find this process awe-inspiring, the way that imagery flows from moment to moment, mixing on the fly can produce some truly remarkable journeys; a magical play shapes and colors creating moving artworks. 


I strive to keep all of my video expression positive and earthy, exploring psychedelic realms of nature, mostly taken from my own video clips, and experimenting with technology and sacred geometry and activating forms to create an uplifted and inspiring medley of information.


I have performed at festivals and events in Australia and am excited to continue growing in skills and creating some magic on dancefloors!

This video demo shows a little journey I made inspired by dreams of healing... Created in 2011.

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