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The name Crystalotus came to me when I was quite young, my middle name is Crystal and my soul emblem is the lotus. As a teenager I began to draw lotus flowers over and over almost obsessively which felt like a tuning device to connect with my inner world and ability to channel energy and stories through art.



I studied graphic design when I left school at the University of the Sunshine Coast in hopes of making a career out of art. I learnt to use digital tools and mediums to create with and I have stoked these skills ever since. As the technology progresses I continue to learn and grow with these tools; mostly working with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Corel Painter.

Using my own photography, paintings, drawings and digital formations as well as stock images to form my art, I usually create without an image in mind, in the moment and see where it takes me, channelling from within. I hope you enjoy exploring my heArt work as much as I do. 



Once upon a time there was a creative creature who lived atop a mountain in the far off tropical forests of Far north Queensland. This creature over time grew into a young woman who possessed a fire inside. Her fire was a flickering sparkle of creative force which she transmuted into many different crafts. She surrounded herself with trinkets and magical things that twinkled and grew spiderwebs. 

Every corner of her world was full of shapes and colours and a clutter of pieces, of mystic puzzles.

The fire inside her would grow and burst out of her in many ways... 

She collected ideas, and moments and treasures to weave into portals that would allow for the transmutation of energy and the mundane into the mystic. 

She channels the connection with the earth, the heart and life force to form her spirit printed work.

And here she shares it with you....


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