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Re-Inventing my website...

Well it seems every year or so I decide to revamp my website and next minute I'm days deep into deciding how and what and exploring every colour scheme... ha ha!

It feels good to refresh and bring some new creative energy into how I present myself and my work. I am very mercurial and thus find it so hard to stick to anything for very long and have it represent who I am or how I feel.

Usually I go for deep dark themes but this time I've gone for light. Which is apt for the journey I am going through on a personal level.

I've done a lot of shadow work and am intentionally bringing myself into a more balanced space in my self and this is beginning to express in my creative work.

On a personal note the last couple of years have been very... strong... I have gone through alot of turbulence and withdrawn from my creative flow. Using all my creative energy for more 3D world stuff and emotional stability.

Creativity comes in tidal flows. I'm excited to feel my flow coming back into more art output, after spending time navigating and gathering. Its interesting how that works, a great gathering tide where you learn and absorb and then the output tide where it comes spilling out like a big outbreath.

I am currently on a journey. I have left my home in Far North Queensland and am traveling through the United states and plan to head down through Central America. I know there is something big for me on this journey, the signs point that way and I have already watched some prophetic visual art flow out from my spirit. I am finding a new way to relate, to myself, to the earth and to spirit. I'm excited to see what comes through as I explore and connect with these other lands

If you are reading this, thank you for your presence. I hope you enjoy exploring my art and find something that connects you to the divine.

With Love,

Boni Crystal

Exploring some mountain scapes in Arizona

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